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2013 Long Reel



2:59 min


Clips from "Dog Logic" as the bitter and sarcastic son of a gold-digging mother, "The Apartment" as the intimidating boss of a meek employee, "Saving Dad" as a young girl's mentally ill father, "Interrogation" as a streetwise cop grilling a reluctant witness, "Another Kind of Valor" as a paralyzed soldier returned from Afghanistan and "A Guide to Rare Birds" as a birdwatcher with delusions of grandure.

2013 2 Min. Reel



2:00 min


Clips from NBC's "Days of Our Lives" as an eager photographer, "Dog Logic" a student project, "Interrogation" a short film, "The Apartment" a student project for UCLA, "Saving Dad" a short film, and "A Guide to Rare Birds" a UCLA student film

Dog Logic



7:15 min


His mother abandoned him as a child, His degenerate father passed away and left him in charge of a worthless old pet cemetary, his wife divorced him and his dog just died. Hertel's life is a bad country song. So how do you think he'll take it when his estranged mother (Kady Douglas) conveniently shows up when his property is suddenly worth millions because a developer wants to build a mall on it? Directed by Brianna Frisbey for Brooks Institue Film School. From the play by Thomas Strelich.


The Apartment



3:58 min


Mr Sheldrake is the boss you love to hate and Baxter (Joey Sinko) is the meek and bullied yes-man pushed to his breaking point. A USC Film School project directed by Andrew Alba. From the 1960 movie by Billy Wilder.

A Guide To Rare Birds



2:26 min


Dale is a daydreaming birdwatcher with delusions of grandeur, Loretta (Dagmar Edwards) is his long-suffering wife and Benny (Jeffrey Price) is their neglected ten year old in this comedic short by Kahlil Hudson for UCLA Film School.

The Swimming Lesson



2:28 min


Daddy's little girl (Emily Skinner) gives him a lesson in priorities when father-daughter time is infringed on by work in this comedic sohrt written and directed by Jason Kohl. A UCLA Film School production.

2018 Speed Reel



1:11 min


Shorter clips from Blackmark, Megashark vs Kolosus, Starlight, I Am Still Here, and Saving Dad. See the 2 minute version above on the home page.

Red Fish Blue Fish Trailer



1;25 min


The original title and trailer for Blackmark 2018.

2018 Long Reel



8:32 min


A longer look at my work from Blackmark- a Cold War era political thriller, as a powerful military industrialist; Megashark vs Kolosus- a SyFy monster flick, as an egotistical scientist; Starlight- a science-fiction short film, as the commander of a mysterious deep space mission; I Am Still Here- an edgy indie drama, as the love-struck John of an underage prostitute; and Saving Dad- a powerful dramatic short, as the mentally ill father of a teenage girl. See the 2 minute version above on the home page.

Jeff on "Days"



1:44 min

Clips from several of my appearances on the NBC daytime drama, "Days of Our Lives" as a photographer.

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